The Project


How do you envision Performance Studies to be like in the future?
How can we materialise such visions of the future?

The Future Advisory Board (FAB) is a new PSi initiative that aims to bring together graduate students and early career scholars and artists worldwide, and increase visibility of the diversity of Performance Studies. This project was officially launched in July 2016 at PSi#22 Melbourne.

The FAB represents new generations of Performance Studies emerging in different ways at different places. The FAB advises the PSi board both with regard to the interests of emerging scholars and artists, and with regard to the future of the field as new generations see this. To this end, the FAB initiates projects (both online and at conferences) that demonstrate this diversity and contribute to the further development of Performance Studies in ways that acknowledge this diversity.

The FAB is composed of emerging scholars and early-career researchers and artists from different corners of the earth. We bring together perspectives, strategies, tactics, provocations, ideas, visions, hopes and dreams from our various practices of theory and performance. This project is our laboratory for experimentation, through which we actualise the potentialities of many Future Performance Studies to come.