Call for Participants: Future Advisory Board Summer School #4.33 

Please click here to read our new call for participants for this year’s six-week digital Summer School. 


The Future Advisory Board (FAB) of Performance Studies international (PSi) seeks 2 additional board members.

The new board members will serve for three conference cycles – PSi#26 Rijeka in 2020, PSi#27 in 2021, and PSi#28 in 2022 – with organizational work to begin January 1, 2020.

The new board members will join existing board members in intensive collaborative work on projects, events, and opportunities that will further bring together graduate students and early career scholars and artists worldwide and increase the visibility of the diversity of performance studies.

FAB meets in person every year at the annual conference and is otherwise in regular contact through digital means.

Nominees must be:

· Current PSi members;
· An emerging artist, graduate student, or junior faculty member within three years of receiving a terminal degree;
· Available via digital communications for regular meetings and project updates (most times of the year, this means responding to email and other messages; however, during busy times, this could entail a Skype meeting once per week);
· Willing to engage with collaborative and collective creative and intellectual processes;
· Committed to diversifying performance studies and building a wide network of junior and emerging scholars and artists.

Those interested should nominate themselves to the board by submitting a CV and a cover letter that details reasons for wanting to join the board, availability for upcoming conferences, and ideas for forwarding the aims and ideals of PSi and FAB.

Self-nominations should be emailed to psifuturists@gmail.com by October 18, 2019. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for a short Skype interview. All inquiries are welcome.