Summer School #1.5 at PSi #24 Daegu

The PSi Future Advisory Board organised the second edition of summer school alongside the conference in Daegu, South Korea, in July 2018. We were a close-knitted group of 21 researchers and artists with a variety of research interests, backgrounds, and aspirations. We enjoyed a week of conferencing and summer school activities at the Daegu Art Factory, under the themes of “Performance as Network: Arts, City, Culture” from PSi#24 Daegu, and “OverFlow” from PSi#23 Hamburg.

Our program included:

  • Pre-conference Program
    • Visits to Mahbijeong Mural Village and Donghwasa Temple, Modern Culture Alley, and Seomun Food Market
  • Meet-the-Artist Session
    • An Introduction to Daegu’s Arts Scene: Theatre Troupe TRAIN (A discussion with director Na-kyung Lee, hosted by Areum Jeong)
  •  Workshops
    • Intersectional – say whaaaaaat???? (led by Azadeh Sharifi & Yiota Demetriou)
    • Embodying Redress and the Networks of Protest Performance (led by Elizabeth Son)
    • Beginning With The End (Of Humanity): Rehearsing Posthuman Futures Through Arts Practice and Theory (led by Robert Walton)
    • Research and Practice across collaborative, distributed network (led by Asher Warren & Felipe Cervera)


    \\Photo Impressions\\ Photos by Evelyn Wan and wen yau



    \\Full Program\\