Corrie Tan

Corrie Tan / 陳霖靈 is a practitioner and researcher from Singapore. She is interested in and often works at the intersection of care ethics, collaborative performance practices and new articulations of performance criticism and writing in Southeast Asia. Her roles shapeshift depending on the context, but she is often an archivist, facilitator and companion to the artists and projects she works with and on. Her practice emphasises generosity, relationship-building and care work. Corrie is currently completing her Ph.D. in Theatre and Performance Studies on the joint degree programme between King’s College London and the National University of Singapore. She is contributing editor and resident critic with the Southeast Asian arts platform ArtsEquator, and has also cultivated long-term critical writing and dramaturgical relationships with arts practitioners and projects in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region.
Corrie is part of CITRUS Practices (Care, Intimacy, TRauma-informed Understanding and Safer Practices in the arts), a working group of arts practitioners from Singapore who are committed to furthering discourse and good practices around care and intimacy in artmaking through building and sharing resources; and the nascent “Ill-Disciplined: Research-Creation-Something” working group that seeks to deconstruct, imagine and prototype new paradigms and infrastructures for knowledge production and artistic practice, drawing from feminist, peer-to-peer frameworks that redistribute the labour and ethics of caregiving.