Traces and Threads 2022

During this tumultuous moment in time, in the midst of a pandemic still unfolding, FAB will be working differently this year, moving our attention towards reuse, re-work, rest and reconnection. Building on the digital gatherings we facilitated over the last two years of the pandemic, we are foregrounding methods of attunements and slowness to convene around Traces and Threads.

Traces and Threads is a slow network of remote gatherings and performance writings convened by FAB across 2022.


Lost works, unpublished manifestos, future imaginings and cancelled gatherings will be reanimated through a collaborative writing project that traces the tendrils of connection of FAB across its history.


Reworking the assumed modes of academic gathering, we will also be supporting a series of ‘unreading’ groups. This project collaborates with already established reading groups, research communities and academic conferences to ask how it might be possible to ‘recycle’ habitual modes of gathering in support of rest and reconnection.

Information on how to get involved will be published on our website early June 2022.