Summer School #1.5

PSi #24 Performance as Network: Arts, City, Culture
Daegu, South Korea

The Future Advisory Board (FAB) is a PSi initiative that aims to bring together graduate students and early career scholars and artists worldwide, and increase visibility of the diversity of Performance Studies. Current members include Asher Warren, Azadeh Sharifi, Areum Jeong, Yiota Demetriou, Felipe Cervera, Shawn Chua, Eero Laine, and Evelyn Wan. Check out our archive for information about our activities. See below for our program this year!

\\Structure and Schedule\\
Performances, seminars, and workshops from 1-7 July 2018, featuring:

  • Pre-conference Program
    • Visits to Mahbijeong Mural Village and Donghwasa Temple
  • Workshops
    • An Introduction to Daegu’s Arts Scene: Theatre Troupe TRAIN (Na-kyung Lee)
    • Intersectional – say whaaaaaat???? (Azadeh Sharifi & Yiota Demetriou)
    • Embodying Redress and the Networks of Protest Performance (Elizabeth Son)
    • Beginning With The End (Of Humanity): Rehearsing Posthuman Futures Through Arts Practice and Theory (Robert Walton)
    • Research and Practice across collaborative, distributed network (Asher Warren & Felipe Cervera)